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Alaska Wild Adventures is about showing you our real life adventures in the WILDS OF ALASKA.  We want to share our experiences such as seeing wildlife, and living our subsistance lifestyle off of the grid.  This lends us to have run ins with natures beautiful creatures.  On a daily basis it is common for us to see Exotic Sea Birds, Humpback, Killer, Fin and other kinds of Whales, Seals, Sea Lions, Land and Sea Otters .  On a typical day we could see Bears, Moose, Elk, Deer, Mountain Goats, Sheep, Wolves, and Fox.  Every day is an adventure!


Since a lot of people are not able to see these things in person we decided to film our adventures and started our own show ALASKA WILD ADVENTURES... true RAW REALITY in the Alaska Wilderness. 


Besides seeing wildlife on a daily basis we wanted to share our enthusiam for cooking.  We live off of the land from hunting wild game to fishing the bounty of the sea.  During the summer we pick berries and have wonderful salads out of our own garden.   If you watch our show and want to learn about livivng off of the land and off fo the grid ALASKA WILD ADVENTURES is the perfect show for you!



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I moved to Alaska at the age of 15 with my brother Greg.  I have has spent the rest of my life up here exploring Alaska’s Wilderness.  I have been a commercial fisherman, braving Alaska’s dangerous waters fishing for Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Shrimp, King, Tanner, and Dungeness crab.  I started flying with my dad at 12 years old before I moved to Alaska when 15, and pursued my dream and became a long time seasoned bush pilot, flying wheel planes and float planes all over.  Besides commercial fishing I am an avid sport fisherman and have been in the Guiding and Lodging business for over 25 years.  In essence I have been an Adventure Guide for my entire life. 

I am a woodsman, and wilderness expert.  My family and I have developed highly popular sport fishing destinations, and have built sport fishing lodges on Alaska’s Coastline.  I have traversed areas that are literally untouched.  In my adventures I have discovered extraordinary fishing, found artifacts and fossils also.  I am an expert at getting dropped off in remote locations and building cabins and camps in the wilds of Alaska.  My lifestyle is full of excitement, adventure, and sometimes danger.  I live in heavy Brown Bear, and Black Bear country and have had more than the occasional run in with Bears, Wolves, and other Wildlife.

 I live off of the land and the grid fishing for Salmon, Trout, and Halibut. I love to hunt Moose, Goat, and Deer for meat.  With all of this experience, I have become a wealth of knowledge and information on living in the wilds of Alaska.  My knowledge includes anything and everything, regarding buying property to building a cabin or home, alternate energy, and setting up your home to be off of the grid.  From running boats to flying airplanes I am an expert in dealing with living in Alaska. 

I lead a life of excitement and adventure- you never know what is going to happen next! The day might include meeting an Air Taxi plane for mail and supplies, fishing in a stream for salmon and having a run in with a Brown Bear with 3 cubs.  I run boats all over Alaska with building supplies and am an expert in coordinating for a building project in the remote wilderness.  I am also familiar with alternate energy systems!

From Film projects, Dream Vacations to Building projects I can help consult you on that next step on your Alaskan “DREAM”

Contact me today to set up your consultation!! I am here to help with anything and everything ALASKA!! I want you to experience TRUE RAW Alaska Wilderness in STYLE~





I moved to Cordova, Alaska at the tender age of 7.  I had already been fishing and hunting with my dad as soon as I was big enough to hold a rod and a gun.  My dad took me fishing and hunting with him and I loved every minute of it.

With my love for the wilderness and hunting and fishing I fit right in with the kids in Cordova.  Cordova was a small town that had woods everywhere.  I spent most of my time playing in the woods building forts with friends.  We would go fishing, pick berries, and build campfires. 

When I became a teenager I would ride my bike at least 5 miles to go fishing.  I loved being outdoors and was enthralled with learning how to run boats and wanted to become a commercial fisherman.  When I was 14 she took a class offered through the Cordova Community College called the Marine Fisheries Program.  I excelled at this course and I took it for the next 2 years.  I learned Boating Skills and Seamanship and took the College Course for becoming a Captain.  Since I was only 15 and did not have the hours needed to get my captains license, I took the course to learn the skills.  I learned how to commercial fish and went Seining in Prince William Sound, and Gill Netting on the Copper River Flats.  The class also did fish marketing programs and I was the first to put together a class trip to Hawaii to market Alaska Salmon.   

Even though I loved being out on the water commercial fishing, my true passion was sport fishing, and flying.  After taking 2 years of College in Oklahoma, I came back to Alaska to fulfill my dream of being in the Sport Fishing and Lodging Business.  While in Cordova I met George Davis, my future husband.  He owned a Sport Fishing Lodge and needed someone to work for his business.  George and I hit it off right off the bat and we did everything together. 

I shared my passion of flying with George.  He owned his own airplane.  I flew over 500 hours with George, and then went to flight school and took flying lessons to get time being pilot in command.  I have flown all over the Gulf of Alaska from Cordova to Yakutat fishing for all species of salmon and trout, while building lodges and camps in the remote wilderness. 

With my extensive knowledge of the coast of Alaska we named the “The Lost Coast”, George and I are experts in knowing the best and most remote places to fish.  I became an avid fly fisherman. I would go to trade shows every winter advertising our sport fishing lodges, and learned from the best

I got out of the lodge business and started my own company, Alaska Wild Adventures. I make videos, write blogs, and stories about my adventures in the Wilds of Alaska.  I am writing a series of books.  "Alaska Woman" True life adventures of Jill Davis growing up in the WILDS OF ALASKA.  I am also writing Alaska Man which is a corrobation with my husband George Davis.  It is his story of his adventurous life in the WILDS OF ALASKA.

I love to fish, but get true enjoyment in taking others fishing.  It is thrilling to show people the beauty of Alaska.  One of my favorite things is to guide people and help them catch their first salmon.  If they already have caught salmon then teaching someone how to catch a fish on the fly is exciting, or even better teaching someone to catch a salmon on a dry fly!!  My enthusiasm is very catching… no pun intended~

I have traveled all over Alaska to exploring.  I am an expert at living off of the grid in remote locations, and advising women on what life in Alaska is all about.  Contact me today for a consultation on anything and evertthing ALASKA!!

Join us for real life adventures in the Wilds of Alaska!! Learn from the best how to live off of the grid. Get fire wood for warmth, fish, hunt for food, and gather water from a natural spring. Living in the Wilderness we are fortunate to see birds and wildlife on a daily basis. Live vicariously through us as we brave the wilderness and Live the Dream~

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